Our Logo


1.) The Malaysian Zoological Society has adopted the drawing of a mouse deer or “Sang Kancil” as the Society’s emblem.

2.) Sang Kancil is a smart and tricky mouse deer who is always finding himself in problem with dangerous animals that want to eat him, but he cleverly manages to escape all the time.


a) Zoo Negara is moving forward to transform into a 21st century zoo aimed for conservation, recreation, education, training, and research of flora and fauna.

b) The impact of the two lines indicates the key strength of Zoo Negara sharing a cohesive view for flora and fauna and laying the basis with a continuous improvement. The crossing also signifies the continuous system in Zoo Negara with the responsibility to communicate its broad knowledge to be shared with other zoos.

 c) These efforts represent the holistic management approach to conservation as the key and unique characteristic of Zoo Negara, making zoo negara as a role-model for other zoos.

 d) The blend of green and gold colours shows Zoo Negara’s surroundings for flora and fauna in Kuala Lumpur city.