Looking for a memorable way to celebrate your child’s birthday? Zoo Negara offers a unique and exciting birthday party experience for kids. It’s definitely unconventional, but it’s both fun and educational! If you’re feeling bold, host your party at the African Safari, or go to the lakeside if you prefer somewhere more tranquil. There’s even the cosy indoor amphitheatre and hall to choose from. Not convinced? Here’s five reasons that might change your mind.

1. Zoo Hunt

Photo Credit: Zoo Negara Malaysia

A great way to kickstart the birthday party is with a zoo hunt! Organised by Zoo Negara themselves, it’s a great way to explore the zoo, while keeping the children’s excitement level up. Watch them as they race around the zoo in search for clues, learning and having fun at the same time!

2. Games and Singalong 

Photo Credit: Zoo Negara Malaysia

Spread over 110 acres of land, there’s no shortage of space at Zoo Negara. If hunts and exploration aren’t your thing, you can conduct your own games and singalongs at the zoo. Nothing beats the classic games like musical chairs or pass the parcel. Prepare a playlist of your kid’s favourite songs and it’ll definitely be a hit! If you’re feeling peckish after all those activities, not to worry, the Wild Restaurant supplies kiddy food packages as well.

3. Animals!

Black & White Ruffed Lemur (Photo Credit: Zoo Negara Malaysia)

If your kid is an animal lover, they’re in for a real treat. There’s over 400 different animal species, including birds, fish, insects, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Let’s not forget the various plant species that contribute to the stunning landscape of the zoo. Besides discovering all that nature has to offer, they’ll also learn about the ongoing conservation efforts at the zoo. Not sure where to begin? Check out our guide for zoo exhibits you don’t want to miss!

The zoo also has a section called Children’s World dedicated to the little ones. Here, they’ll be able to pet the deer, goats, and miniature horses. Enter the mini cave and discover various artefacts that will spark your kid’s curiosity – you’ll be surprised at how much they can learn!

4. Live Shows and Feeding

Photo Credit: Zoo Negara Malaysia

Not only do you get to see the animals, you get to watch them in action too! There is no greater disappointment than going to see an animal, only to find them sleeping, or out of sight. Head down over to the animal show and they’ll be doing much more than just lying around. Animal shows are held daily at 11:00am and 3:00pm (3:30pm on Fridays).

Still hungry for more? Pay a visit to the Humboldt penguins at 11:00am and watch them dive for food during their feeding time. If that’s not enough, the Malaysian Elephants have a sweet tooth and they’ll definitely appreciate a sugarcane or two!

5. Special Photography Session

Photo Credit: Zoo Negara Malaysia

One thing’s for sure, a birthday celebrated at the zoo is going to be unforgettable. The cherry on top is a memento from the zoo. Zoo Negara’s gift to your child is a special photography session with tame animals like Spotty the Python and Megat the Hornbill. It’s a unique photo opportunity that regular visitors don’t get. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all.