If it’s your first time to the zoo, it is useful to keep in mind the facilities that Zoo Negara has so generously provided.



There are lockers available for you to store your personal belongings at the Ticket Counter. If carrying a heavy bag might be tiring and affect your experience of the zoo, you might want to consider to rent a locker. Rental fee is RM2.00.



Zoo Negara takes a sincere interest in people who are disabled and elderlies who aren’t able to walk for long distances for too long. So they have provided a wheelchair service. This service is on a first come first serve basis, so if you would want to rent a wheelchair, feel free to visit the Information Counter B. It is free of charge, but a refundable RM50.00 deposit will be collected.


Zoo Huts

There are a few zoo huts located around the zoo for anyone who wants to take a break. Make it an adventure to try and locate the air-conditioned ones to avoid the scorching sun during the afternoon. Also, feel free to also ask the zoo staffs for assistance.


Prayer Room

If you’re halfway exploring the zoo but it is time for prayer. Fret not for Zoo Negara have you covered. There is an air-conditioned prayer room provided located nearby the zoo’s main entrance. Friendly staffs are around to assist you if you’re unable to locate it.