Educational Activities

(Recommended for 3 years old and above)

School Concession Rate Entitlement:

  1. Bring a school letter with letterhead to the Ticketing Counter.
  2. Students must wear either school sport shirt or uniform.
Types Student
(Age 3 to 17)
(10 Students: 2 Teachers)
Additional Teacher / Adult
Entrance fee RM10.00 RM15.00 RM44.00

**Free of charge only for special needs. Please show your OKU card at the Ticket Counter!

Additional Charges:

  1. Parking rate > Contact 03-4108 3422.
  2. Tram rides  See more>


  1. Tickets sold are not returnable / refundable.
  2. Used ticket will be considered void.

(Recommended for 4 years old & above)

Zoo Explorer is a worksheet for students to encourage  them to observe the environment and communicate with their surroundings.

As there is NO TIME LIMIT for this Zoo Explorer activity, students and teachers will have the chance to observe the animals and gaining a wonderful experience. Entrance fee, tram rides and the worksheet are paid separately. Zoo Explorer will cost RM3.00 per worksheet. We suggest that the students form a group of 3 people in a team to save cost.

Benefits of joining zoo explorer:

  1. This activity encourages reading, teamwork and strengthen the bond between teachers and students.
  2. Students learn how to read the map to guide them around the zoo.
  3. Students who answered either all correct or have some mistakes will be given a mystery gift for their effort.
  4. Encourage students to learn things in a fun and exciting way.

*Both students and teachers will get a token of participation from Zoo Negara by completing the worksheet to reward their effort.

Kancil Ranger is a guided walking tour by Zoo Negara guide for 1-hour where you will be brought to tour half of the zoo. The most exciting thing is that they have 5 sessions for you to choose!!

*You may continue to stay back in the zoo and explore the other part of the place after this 1-hour guided tour.

This programme is designed with different themes to aims for students observation, listening and motor skills through play/interactive session where we try our best to get students involved in the activities.

Benefits of joining the Cikgu Kancil Package?

  1. All prices include entrance fee with guided tour and chosen topic’s activities.
  2. Special adult price (up to 5 people) to join our programme based on the children’s age and capability. Both adults and students gain new knowledge.
  3. In time to watch the Multi-animal show (ONLY if you arrive at the zoo at 9.00am).

How long is the Programme?

2-hour session. The programme starts at 9.00am – 11.00am.

It is important that the teachers and students to arrive on time for the programme in order to show a good role model to the students and also because we have a routine schedule to follow.

Please note:

  1. All prices INCLUDE Entrance fee, guided tour & selected topic’s activities. Special rate is available for Special Needs students.
  2. Do not touch the animals for safety reason (disease transfers, bites and scratches) that also can cause disturbance to the animals.
  3. Late-comers will be switched to take the Kancil Ranger package.

Bookings must be made 3 weeks in advance VIA E-MAIL so Zoo Negara can arrange your trip to the zoo accordingly and it is based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Last minute bookings will not be serviced.

Curious to know what Zoo Negara animals do after 5.00 pm?

Join their exclusive ‘Night Walk in the Zoo’ to experience walking in the Zoo in the moonlight, guided by their tour-guide.

A guide will be assigned to you in a group of 10 people to check out the animals’ activity using night device.

So, what are you waiting for? Call them up to book a session! The animals are looking forward to see you! 😀