The first National Zoo in Malaysia!

Home to thousands of animals with different species!

The biggest zoo in Malaysia!

Adopted the open-concept zoo

90% of its animal lives in spacious exhibit with nature landscape!

Famous with its Giant Panda and other exotic animals!

Zoo Negara is one of Malaysia biggest zoo located at Hulu Kelang, Ampang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

There are some convenient way to lead you to Zoo Negara such as Taxi, LRT, and Bus!

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Zoo Negara provide full services and facilities for their visitors such as Tram Rides, Wheelchair, Food Kiosk, and many more!

Make your to pay a visit to Zoo Negara and they will surely fulfill all your needs!

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National Zoo




New Arrival

The Giant Panda has arrived at the Zoo!

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Daily Events

Enjoy Zoo Negara daily special event now!

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Our Exhibits

Find out more about our animal exhibits!

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Tips and Tricks

Bring a small towel to wipe off sweat (the weather is hot after 11.00am)

Bring along a cap/hat/umbrella if necessary (The zoo has lots of trees providing shades along the walking path)

Bring along your water bottles for drinking in case you are thirsty in the middle of the zoo

There’s also lots of cafes, restaurant and shops selling F&B and souvenirs (but mind the prices)

Make sure you have a strong stomach because most of the cage are nauseating

Most of the birds are free roaming especially the storks. Please don’t intimidate or trying to scare them or else they will chase and peck you.

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